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New Connection

Download New Application Form.


Information desired relative to subject matters covered by this Manual may be obtained by personal call, by telephone, or by mail. This information is also available on the web site of the SEPCO. The AMO’s Office is the main contact office where a separate window/ sub-office is available in addition to the customer service centers, to provide all necessary information required regarding application for new connections and provision of electric power services.


Application and Agreement (A&A) Forms in English and Urdu along with abridged conditions of supply as approved by NEPRA is available in each sub-divisional/divisional/circle office and shall be given to prospective consumers free of cost on demand.

A&A forms in Urdu and English script are also attached at the end of this Manual.

The prospective consumers shall be required to fill in the forms and attach the required supporting documents as detailed therein.
Any assistance or information required in filling the application form shall be provided to the applicant by staff in the office where form is to be submitted.
Application for new connection can be submitted to relevant office in person or by mail.

Written instructions regarding completion of the A&A form and fulfillment of all the other requirements for obtaining a new connection are also available to the applicant on request. These instructions are both in English and Urdu scripts.


Documents to be attached with the A&A Form are as follows:

  1. Signed Abridged Conditions of supply.
  2. Ownership proof of the premises where connection is required.
  3. An affidavit from the owner of the premises to the effect that no connection existed previously at the premises for which connection is applied and that he shall pay any outstanding dues in respect of any previous connection which existed at the premises in question, if noticed thereafter.
  4. “No Objection Certificate” from the landlord (if the applicant is a tenant along with landlord’s proof of ownership and affidavit mentioned above).
  5. Attested copies of National Identity Cards of the applicant and two witnesses.
  6. The power of attorney (in case of a Company), in favor of the applicant to the effect that the applicant is authorized to sign the application and execute agreement on behalf of the Company.
  7. In case of a Public Limited Company, the list of Managers, Directors etc. with complete addresses and attested photocopies of all documents regarding registration of the Limited Company along with Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company.
  8. Site plan where connection is required in case of industry.
  9. In case of change of name/reconnection/extension and reduction of load, a certificate from concerned the Revenue Office, to the effect that no arrears are outstanding against the premises along with proof of owner ship/NOC.

    The prospective consumers shall submit completely filled A&A forms along with the required documents in the respective nominated/designated office of Company.

3.1 The Company office shall check the A&A Form submitted by the prospective consumer and if in order shall return “B” copy of the A&A form with counter foil duly filled in as a token of receipt. However, if the Relevant office cannot provide the connection for any valid reason, it shall inform the consumer in writing along with the reasons thereof.

3.2 There shall be a “ONE WINDOW OPERATION” for the prospective consumer in the Company office where the application is submitted up to the installation of a new connection. This process shall be followed in all the offices of Company viz. Sub-Divisions, Divisions, Circles etc.


After the receipt of Application Form along with the required documents the recipient Office shall issue an acknowledgement receipt and a serial number to the applicant for further processing etc.

The AMO/ DMO/MO/CEO’s office (depending on where the application is submitted) after verification of the application (A&A Form) shall depute an engineer/ company representative for site visit and preparation of Site Sketch and Cost Estimate. The applicant shall also be informed of the date and time on which the engineer/ company representative shall visit the site.

Based on the field report, cost estimates and determination of category of the consumers etc., a Demand Notice shall be issued under registered AD or through courier by concerned office to the applicant for the deposit of charges etc. The demand notice will include the date of application, the serial No of the demand notice and the date of issue. The demand notice shall also include the name of the applicant and the date till which the demand notice is valid for payment. The demand notice for capital contribution and security amounts will be issued simultaneously but separately. Both the demand notices will have the name of the Bank Branch where payment of the demand notices should be made.

 Branches of designated banks shall be authorized to receive the Demand Notice charges etc. and issuance of acknowledgement receipts etc.

 A new priority number to each application after the demand notices have been paid will be allocated and displayed on the mother board.


The prospective consumer except domestic & agriculture shall attach Wiring Contractor’s Test Report,(Annex – ) with the paid Demand Notices and submit the same to the concerned office. The Wiring Contractor’s Test Report, can be obtained free of charge from the concerned office. These wiring test reports will have to be duly filled by the approved wiring contractor and approved and stamped by an Electric Inspector after physical verification of the site.


Before any electrical wiring or energy consuming apparatus is connected to the Company’s distribution system, the same shall be subject to inspection and testing by the concerned office and no connection shall be made to the company system without the prior Inspection/Verification of the test report.

The Wiring Contractor’s test report shall be physically verified by the designated Officer/ Official of the concerned office concerned Company by visiting the site.


7.1 For processing/Sanctioning applications for new connections, consumers shall be divided into following five categories.
CATEGORY-1 (AMO) Sub-Division

a. Tariff A-1 and A-2 for the general consumers at 220/ 400 Volts supply. AMO
b. General connections for load up to 15 KW. AMO
CATEGORY-2 (DMO) Division

a. Tariff B-1 for industrial supply up to 20 KW.
b. Other supplies and general connections above 15 KW and up to 40 KW
at 400 Volts.
CATEGORY-3 (MO) Circle

a. Tariff B-I for industrial supply at 400 volts for load above 20 KW to 40KW
b. Tariff B-2 for industrial supply at 400 volts for load above 40 KW but not
exceeding 500 KW.
b. Tariff C-1 for Bulk supply at 400 volts.
c. Other supplies and general connections above 70 KW but not exceeding
500 KW.

a. Tariff B-3 at 11 KV or 33 KV for load above 500 kW but not exceeding
5000 KW.
b. Tariff C-2 for Bulk Supply at 11 KV or 33 KV.
c. Other supplies and general connections at 11 KV or 33 KV for load above
500KW but not exceeding 5000 KW.
CATEGORY – 5 (Authority) SEPCO
a. Tariff B-4 for Industrial Supply at 66 KV or 132 KV for all loads. Auth.
b. Tariff C-3 for Bulk Supply at 66 KV or 132 KV for all loads. Auth.
c. Other supplies and general connections at 66 KV or 132 KV for all loads. Auth.
d. Tariff B-5 for KESC franchise area for 220 kV and above, applicable for all loads Auth.

Time Schedule for giving new connections under Category 1 A-I and A-2 as prescribed in (Performance Standards) distribution

SERVICE CONNECTION                                                                                                                                           PRIMARY SERVICE CONNECTION

An overhead primary service connection is that portion of the overhead supply conductors, with supports if required, between the SEPCO's primary distribution system (11000 volts and or above) and a distribution Sub Station or a Consumer Sub Station.

The primary connection will be furnished to a consumer as per his sanctioned load following the Design and construction standards as mentioned in Distribution Code.


An overhead secondary service connection is that portion of the overhead supply conductors, with supports if required, between either the SEPCO's secondary distribution system (400 volts and below) or the distribution Sub Station and the Consumer's metering equipment.


In order that the work to be done by the company and by the consumer is properly coordinated and that proper clearances are maintained, the consumer shall obtain information from the concern officer as to the designated pole and the height on such pole where the service drop will be attached.
Attachments and supports for service connections of 400 volts or less shall be so installed that, after provisions for normal sag, the required minimum clearances of service connections are maintained:
In case a building is too low to provide the minimum clearances, a riser or a roof bracket shall be installed in accordance with the specifications.

If the pole from which service is to be taken is so close to a building, that it is impracticable to install a service drop in the usual manner, the consumer shall install the service head adjacent to the pole at a point designated by the AMO and concerned officer shall make the connection. In this case no service attachment will be required.

When a one-storey building is located on a street property line, and when the service drop from the pole to the building, if carried to the street side of the building, would not provide sufficient clearance, the consumer should consult the concern AMO regarding the proper location for the service attachment.

The service head and attachment shall be so located that (1) the unenclosed wires will adequately clear gutters, walls, balconies and other building attachments; (2) the wires shall be out of reach from windows, balconies, porches, or any other part of a building ordinarily accessible to the occupants or the public. and (3) in cold climates the possibility of ice formation on the unenclosed wires is to be minimized.


The AMO shall in all cases make the final connection of the consumer's wiring facilities to the overhead service drop;( The maximum length of such a service drop shall be such that the voltage drop at the tail end of the service drop or the interconnection point shall be within the specified limits) except that, if the consumer provides a recessed head, the AMO shall furnish and attach lugs to the service drop conductors and the consumer shall attach the lugs to the bus inside the building.


The methods of charging for the supply given to the consumer shall be those prescribed by the Company from time to time.

Consumers shall only pay such amounts for which demand notices are issued to them,

5.1 Detail charges for domestic connections.

a) Rate Schedule for general ( Single Phase / 3 Phase ) service connections

5.2 Single Phase Connection Length of Line

i) Upto and including 40 meter. Rs: 3000/-
ii) Above 40 meter & upto 100 meter. Rs: 3000/- + Rs: 140/meter above 40 meter.
iii) Above 100 meter & upto 160 meter Rs: 11400/- + Rs: 220/ meter above 100
meter up to 160 meter.
5.3 3/Phase Connection Length of Line

i) Upto and including 40 meter. Rs: 8000/-
ii) Above 40 meter & upto 100 meter. Rs: 8000/- + Rs: 140/meter above 40 meter.
iii) Above 100 meter & upto 160 meter Rs: 16400/- + Rs: 220/ meter above 100
meter up to 160 meter.
iv) Above 160 meter & upto 280 meter Rs: 29600/- + 250/meter above 160 meter
upto 280 meter.


A temporary electric power supply connection shall be provided by the Company subject to the availability of load and the prevailing rules, when a consumer demands electric supply for a specific time period not exceeding 3 months , which may be further extendable on three-months basis by the load sanctioning authority subject to clearance of outstanding dues.

The consumer shall demand temporary connection for the following purposes:

• Illumination and lighting for weddings, festival, functions, exhibitions or national and religious ceremonies etc.
• Construction of buildings
• Testing of industrial equipments
• Any other emergent requirement

6.1 Procedure For Application

6.1.1 The consumer shall apply for temporary General connection to the competent and load sanctioning Authority i.e. upto 15KW to AMO and above 15 KW to 40KW to DMO and like wise industrial upto 40KW to to DMO and upto 500 KW to MO and above CEO.
6.1.2 The consumer shall attach all the required documents with the application form as mentioned in Clause 2.2, 2.3.
6.1.3 Company shall serve the consumer under One-Window Operation.
6.1.4 The company shall grant approval subject to the availability of load and the conditions given in the Distribution Code.

6.1.5 The consumer shall be served with Demand Notice for cost for capital involved and security* which will be deposited with the designated bank.

*The amount against the security shall include:

• The amount as per applied tariff and load
• The amount equal to the cost of expected consumption of electricity during the approved temporary connection period.

6.1.6 The Company, after issuance of SCO, shall provide the electric power connection immediately as per priority maintained for temporary connections.


7.1 The Company shall provide temporary electric connection to the consumer on his demand for three (3) months duration and disconnect the same after the expiry of this period.

7.2 The consumer shall apply for extension in the sanctioned period at least one week before the expiry. The consumer shall pay in advance as security an amount equal to the expected consumption of the period applied for extension.

7.3 The Company shall grant approval for further maximum three (3) months time, if deems fit.

7.4 The consumer shall not use step-up or boost transformers without prior approval of the Company.

7.5 The Company reserves the right to discontinue service without notice whenever in its opinion such service is no longer temporary in character, if it is used for unauthorized purposes, if it is used without the protection of approved current limiting devices or if it is no longer needed.

7.6 The Company shall not energize any panel, nor set any permanent meters in any meter group until the consumer has got removed all temporary power feed back, if any, from the building(s) to be energized.


The Company in accordance with the prevailing conditions of the consumer’s premises shall determine the location for installation of meters at the inter connection point. However, the following provisions must be met.
• The installed meters shall be accessible to the Company’s personnel for repairs, meter reading and maintenance purposes.
• The meters shall be installed at a height between 1.25 to 2 meters from the ground level or at a level from where the meter reading is possible without using climbing devices.
• The meters shall be located in a manner that any physical change in the premises must not effect the meter installation.
• For multi-occupancy buildings, the metering equipment of all the consumers residing in that building shall be installed at one location. Such meters can either be installed in a room located in the premises or in a secure cabinet. The Company staff shall look after the room or the cabinet and all the obligations related to such installations shall be of the DISCO.
• The meters for the industrial or bulk power consumers may be installed out side or inside the consumers premises, at a location identified by the consumer which shall be easily accessible for the DISCO staff for repair and meter reading. For such installations all the obligations related to security of meter shall be of the consumers.



1.1 For the purpose of calculating the security deposit, the fraction of a kilowatt (for loads above one kilowatt) which is equal to, or more than half kilowatt, shall be taken as one kilowatt, and the fraction which is less than half a kilowatt shall be ignored.

1.2 The security amount deposited by the consumer at the time of getting connection shall be refunded when he applies at the time of permanent disconnection after getting approval for the refund from the load sanctioning authority. The security deposit amount can also be adjusted in the final bill, if applied by the consumer.


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